Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Who will play in the Super Bowl I wonder?...................from Rico

Whenever I see "news" coverage of trivial events like Brad & Angelina's divorce, or Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris, I wonder to myself "what important information is NOT being reported" and "why are we being distracted and mis-directed?"
- Not that there's anything MORE important to talk...or think...about.
Remember Fukushima? That was a very long time ago...five years...for a public with the attention span of a gnat.
- It is still spewing 300 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean every day. Day in, day out.
- The entire Pacific Ocean, the largest ocean on the planet, has now been irradiated. And it will get worse, not better.

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EarlW said...

I am disappointed that you would lift this and post it without a bit of perspective... but that's how the internet works.

Post something alarmist, without context in order to fill space and get more readers.

Sorry, Theo, but this kind of crap undermines the credibility of your site.


Also, a link to where you found it would help.