Sunday, 6 November 2016

Alicia Machado, Miss Universe Mocked by Trump, Political Rule 5 Blogging, Weekend Before Election Day

Well, she's a hot chick, that's for sure.

Here, "Topless Alicia Machado, of Whom Hillary Clinton Seems Unfazed."

Click through for the topless shots of Ms. Machado.

A political Rule 5, for the last weekend before election day.

What a year and a half it's been. Sheesh.


Dan said...

Topless...Really? With a bit of Googlefu you can find video of this ho
getting buttass nekkid getting schlonged.

Eskyman said...

"Mocked by Trump"- yeah, he saved her job for her.

Otherwise she'd have been fired, as no one wants a "beauty queen" who's 60# overweight! At the time she was grateful, but she's been paid to change her mind.