Monday, 21 November 2016

American "Journalism 101".................from Rico

To understand contemporary American "journalism" and the MSM in particular, two words need to be clearly understood first.
- Hypocrisy: Pretending to be what one is not; especially giving the appearance of being honest journalists when one is a paid propagandist.
- Tragic Irony: The incongruity between objective reality and the accompanying words from media BS-meisters.
Once, when the media was 'caught' too obviously pushing their leftist political agenda there were consequences. Discreet, nuanced subtlety was expected, and it was implicitly 'understood' to be held in higher esteem than the truth was.
- Don't get 'caught' was the rule.
- The explicit purpose was to only tell the public news YOU thought they should know.
Walter Cronkite
Going as far back as that flaming Communist Walter Cronkite (once called "America's most trusted newsman") who famously LIED on American TV and said in 1968 that "because of the success of the 'Tet Offensive' the US had lost the war in Vietnam" when exactly the opposite was true.
- The sneak attack over the Tet holiday actually failed spectacularly and 'broke' the back of the Communist insurgency. Cronkite's intent was to 'break' the back of American resolve.
Dan Rather
In 2004, Dan Rather (and his producer Mary Mopes) produced a "hit piece" on Bush just before the election via the show "60 Minutes" which was based on forged documents.
- The defense of "false, but could be true" didn't work, and Dan's career ended as a result of setting new standards for sleazy with "lying is practically the truth."
Brian Williams
Brian "helicopter boy" Williams was suspended in February 2015 without pay for lying about....well, as it turns out, nearly everything he ever said.
The MSM has now completley turned reality on its head, and despite being exposed by Wikileaks as the real purveyors of "fake news" raised the stakes by claiming any "news" that (a) they don't present, and (b) they do not agree with is fake news.
- Taking the "progressive-liberal" tactic of calling anyone with a dissenting or differing view from the approved party line "racist, misogynist, bitter haters, clingers, uneducated losers" (the complete list is too long to write here, but you get the idea) and plumbing new depths of bullshitery and asshatery the very source of FAKE NEWS is accusing everyone else of producing "fake news" and is pushing that meme to distract focus away from their own journalistic malfeasance. [Asylums used to be filled with residents who claimed 'everyone was crazy except themselves.' Now that asylums no longer exist, these insane people have found homes in media and politics.]
Standing head-and-shoulders apart from other insane people presenting the "news" and THE worst offender and poster child of all for presenting "fake and completely biased news" (but in a calm, reassuring, heavily self-medicated on Nyquil way) is taxpayer-funded NPR.
- These unabashed leftist partisans need to be immediately defunded and removed from the public teat.

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