Friday, 25 November 2016

Arabs Celebrate as Israel Burns.................from Dan Friedman

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not "meet halfway" those who do not want to meet you.
-Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1923
[Jews are a very stupid people as Jabotinsky duly noted early in the last century. Too many of us are still holding out for a fantasy called "peace." In fact, it’s our “leaders” who have always betrayed us. Well, it'll take even worse calamities until the “simpletons” catch on. Pity, 6 million was not enough. How many more dead Jews before reality takes hold? Sad to say, that is anyone’s guess. df]
Dubai security chief tweets 'Israel banned the muezzin and caught on fire,' while Kuwaiti imam wishes 'Best of luck to the fires :)' and memes gloat over fires raging in Israel for the past three days.

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