Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BREAKING: Comedy Channel Merges With MSNBC.....................fro Dan Friedman

Long-Rumored Merger Now Becomes Fact
(AP, 11/15/2016)
As a wave of sanity swept over the USA after Trump's stunning election, its effects on the entertainment world could be felt immediately.
The management of both MSNBC and the Comedy Channel just issued the following announcement: "The boards of both companies have approved a merger between the two entities, effective January 20th when President Trump will take the Oath of Office."
An insider with intimate knowledge of the transaction lied to us exclusively, "this has nothing to do with Trump's election, the merger's been in the works for some time. There is a natural synergy between the two cable channels, and it was time to meld them together and exploit them. No joke."
The official announcement went on to add, "our large fan base can now look forward to more yucks from the usual gang of idiots on the news side."
Our source added sotto voce: "Entre nous, the two channels were beginning to confuse their viewers - a mortal sin in the entertainment business. We've had tons of emails and tweets from fans complaining it was getting hard to tell which was which. With this new merger, we have aggressively addressed the problem. Let the fun begin!"


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