Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Brexit In Danger II - Europhile Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted To Deliver...........from Daniel Thomas

It's been over one hundred and fifty days since the British people voted to take back their sovereignty and become an independent, self governing nation once again by leaving the corrupt and disintegrating European Union.

Progress toward that end has been limited to Great Britain's unelected Prime Minister, Theresa May, repeating ad nauseam the meaningless sound bite "Brexit means Brexit".

This has been accompanied by a series of meetings with high profile Europhile politicians who have vowed to do everything in their power to ignore the people's mandate, sabotage Brexit and surrender whats left of Great Britain's sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats that are in the process of wrecking the nation states of Europe and their economies.

These Europhiles include the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Scottish Europhile fanatic, Nicola Sturgeon and the corrupt cartel that governs the EU led by the Luxembourgian imbiber, Jean-Claude Junker, Polish bureaucrat, Donald Tusk and the virulently anti-British German socialist, Martin Schultz.

In an encounter dismissed as a mere courtesy call, Mrs. May and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, also met with the geriatric American war criminal and senior Bilderberger, Henry Kissinger, who many regard as a senior power broker and enforcer for the global elite.

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