Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Can Trump Heal the Scars of the Obama Years?.................fro Dan Friedman

[Easier said than done. Obama’s purposeful wounds to our country and the world are deep and some appear irreversible by design. Thanks to Obama, Iran’s march to the bomb, and its quest for world power, have taken on a life of their own and the dogs have already been let out into the wild. Sad to say, but even Trump’s best efforts may not be enough. Exhibit A is Obama’s catastrophic Iranian deal which is already a runaway train building on its own momentum. It’s going to take a very brave president (and Congress) to stand in front of it and shut it down. Especially, since our “allies” are focused on trade with Iran and accumulating the almighty Iranian rial. An interesting suicide pact, if there ever was one. df]

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