Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Clogged Sewers....................from Rico

A yuuuuge part of "draining the swamp" will include unclogging America's sewers.
- Seven "sanctuary cities" in particular would be a good place to start.


Anonymous said...

Draining the swamp is a wonderful idea and I hope he is completely successful at it, however we still need to take a good look at the ocean of govt employees which pump the water for the swamp.It is the democrat party which has worked tirelessly against everything the US once stood for and against.
Our country has been looted by these people for decades . they have given our jobs from local main street to the lowest bidder across the globe, they have supported policies which have gutted real American business in small town America. Little by little our country has been exported to gain an extra nickle. They don't seem to understand why we are not following their normal tide of governance.
Maybe just maybe we are tired of crap sandwich they peddle from either side of the isle. If we indeed had one party that looked out for all us little people in fly over country , don't you think we would be doing better than we have for the last 40 years?

Diamond Mair said...

Trust me - HOUSTON needs to be represented on that 'sanctuary cities' map - just returned from South Dakota - seemed I was in alternate universe there - NO signs in "Spanish", NO chattering in "Spanish" - felt as though I was in AMERICA (USA version) once again. ;-)
Semper Fi'