Thursday, 17 November 2016

Convicted felons, illegal aliens, dead voters, and Communists........................from Rico

Today's letter "D" is brought to you in part by Al Franken, the DNC, and the MSM.
"D" stands for: dishonesty, deception, disregard for the law and the Constitution, in a word DEMOCRAT.
Lying Liars 
The unfunniest comedian of current times (and with the likes of Lena Dunham and Joe Biden, that's no small accomplishment) Al Franken was unintentionally funny, yet prophetic, when he penned his book
"Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell them" (and who better than a Democratic Senator to know all about lies and liars I ask you?).
A current LIE being promoted by Democrats and their so-deep-in-their-pocket-they're-bruised-by-the-nickels-and-dimes MSM [have I mentioned yet that if you believe anything these proven LIARS say after this year, you're a friggin' moron?] is that: Hillary won the popular vote.
                           Trump            Hillary
- CNN              60,948,836    61,993,136
- NYT               60,913,096    61,917,919
- Politico           60,526,852    61,342,576
NO, Hillary did NOT win the popular vote.
Let's take a round number of say, at the very least FOUR MILLION votes off the top of those Hillary numbers because of VOTER FRAUD:
- Long-time Clinton crony and apparatchik [read: crook], Terry McAuliffe now Governor of Virginia, pardoned 60,000 convicted felons and restored their voting rights, swinging the state for Hillary.
- Governor Moonbeam of California issued driver's licenses to illegal aliens, allowing them to vote resulting in several MILLION illegal alien, non-citizen, votes for Hillary.
- The corrupt Democrat bastions of Illinois, New York, and California alone turned-out at least 1.8 MILLION dead voters for Hillary, accounting for 90% of the voter fraud uncovered (so far).
- No one yet 'knows' how many Soros-owned voting machines changed how many Trump votes into Hillary votes right before the voter's eyes.
A Republic, not a Democracy
Another LIE being pushed by the "progressive" camp, ever determined to deny constitutional rights to citizens, is the push for a National Popular Vote. Rule by direct election is a Democracy, after all. Sounds fair, right? Only IF you are an ignorant moron and/or a Communist.
- Yeah, direct election sounds "fair" if you ignore rampant voter fraud AND the Constitution...particularly Article IV, Section 4 (called the 'guarantee clause') which REQUIRES states to guarantee their citizens a republic. The United States (catch the name?) is a REPUBLIC which has an electoral college to guarantee that ........let's let JFK explain it, he does a better job of it than I ever could:
     "Direct election would break down the federal system under which states entered the union, which provides a system of checks and balances to ensure that no area or group shall obtain too much power."
My point is this
Unchecked and unbalanced power is the goal of "progressives" [read: Democrats] because, to them, there is no such thing as too much power. Or enough power.
Dear snowflakes, buttercups, and daffodils
To all those whining "not my President" today, I say if you want to shred the Constitution, then "you're not citizens" at all, you are instead "comrades" of a utopian kollectivist dream consisting of convicted felons, illegal aliens, dead voters, and Communists. Move there. Now.

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