Thursday, 3 November 2016

Election or Selection?...................from Rico

It will be interesting to "see" whether the US has an election on Nov 8th, or a selection.
- election = where votes are counted to decide winner
- selection = where the vote counters decide the winner
Sure, many Americans think the dice are "loaded" no matter which organized crime family they support, but how many Americans think the MSM are the ones rolling the loaded dice?
- Ooooooopsie!!! 
NBC affiliate WRCB Chattanooga, TN 'accidentally' put up the Nov 8th election results a week early. They show Hillary beating Trump by 42% to 40%.
- Look at Hillary besting Trump in TX 42-40, in FL 44-40, and PA 44-40. WTF? Get serious and step away from the crack pipe..
There is a classic scene in the film "Casino" where two cheaters are caught, and one is asked if he's right or left handed? His dominant hand is then smashed with a hammer and he's told he'll have to learn how to use his other hand. It's called "cheater's justice."
- I can't think of a better way to deal with the MSM (spit, ptah, ptooey!) in America, but wonder if I would select a heavy ball-peen hammer or a claw-hammer? The cattle-prod in an earlier scene has some merits worth considering, too.

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