Saturday, 19 November 2016

Enemies and Traitors Within......................from Rico

If you thought Debbie Wasserman-Schulz or Donna Brazile were wonderful as heads of the DNC, then you're REALLY gonna love Keith X. Ellison.
I remember Keith Ellison from our days at the University of Minnesota. An "opportunist" from the start, he adopted the middle initial "X" in honor of Malcolm X of the Black Panthers while a student.
- He wasn't just a 'black power' asshole however, he was also a very Communist-oriented asshole at the time.
Then he became a Muslim, completing an aggrieved 'trifecta' (Black-Communist-Muslim), not because of any sincere belief, but to further his own ambition and personal agenda.
- Voila! Now he is a Congressman (D) from Minnesota, and with the 'nod' from long-time Democratic shmucks like Chuckie Schumer (who looks like he'll be Nancy Reid's replacement in the Senate as Minority Leader) is the front-runner to be the next head of the DNC.
Good idea, Democrats. Veering sharply LEFT in 2008 and sucking Muslim ass since then has been such a GOOD IDEA, might as well double-down on it with the likes of Keith X.
- Nothing else I can think of sends such a strong "f**k you, America, WE don't care what YOU think" message as this. Well, maybe making Huma Abedin 'honorary' House Minority Leader replacing Harry Pelosi would be close....
Brilliant. Simply brilliant

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