Friday, 11 November 2016

Fanatical Leftists Become Unhinged After Americans Elect Donald Trump to the Presidency

There's no other way to describe it: Leftists have literally lost their minds. They've become completely unglued to reality. They've become a mob of fanatical ideological zombies torching the streets, calling for the death of political opponents. Black families are kicking their children out of the house for expressions of support for Donald Trump. Radical activists are vandalizing Republican headquarters in various cities. Some leftists are even defecating in public and spreading human feces across pro-Trump signs and paraphernalia.

'People Have to Die' photo conservativefiringline.comwp-contentuploads201611die-on-both-sides-640x361-411bb51a116a209f49e5c81e3f01167946e21d4f_zpsoqunzxny.png
The collectivist left has gone collectively insane.

See, "Leftist Anti-Trump Protester Says 'People Have to Die' (VIDEO)."

Also, "Black Mother Kicks Her Son Out of the House Because He Voted for Donald Trump in School Election (VIDEO)."


* "Trump-Triggered George Mason University Administrator Calls Conservatives 'Worthless Pieces of Trash'."

* "Students Scared Donald Trump Will Deport Their Parents."

* "Long Beach City College Announces Post-Election Student Support and Resources."

* "Democrats Anguished by Transition to Donald Trump Era: 'It's bad all around. I've never seen a more profound death pall across the body politic. It's almost unreal'."

* "Young Progressives Shocked to Find Out That Old White People Vote Republican."

* "From New York to Seattle: Protests Across the U.S. (VIDEO)."


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