Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Feel the WALL. Feel the JOBS.....................from Rico

Anyone who ever 'handled' classified documents reacted to the attached screen capture with "What? No cover sheet? You idiot!" because "cover sheets" are always used on printed documents (even drafts or working notes) that are classified, contain classified information, or might contain classified information.
Now consider this.
- The absence/lack of a cover sheet may well have been intentional. Because the media liars and BS'ers cannot be relied upon to tell Americans the facts anymore, they may have been purposely, but subtly, bypassed.
You can read the text for yourself. Embiggen the attached and you can clearly see "...1,989 miles planned for rapid build."
- Yeah, you read that right. 
In other news, Kid Rock sings a message for the residents of Dumbfuckistan: "...you're already blue, so there's no point in holding your breath until you turn blue..."
- If you want to "feel" instead of think, try this you 'thenthitive' daffodils. Feel the Wall.
The pragmatic, especially many of the 94million workers without work, can imagine all the jobs such an effort will create. 
- Real jobs, not the kind of imaginary Obama McRecovery jobs flipping and/or serving burgers of the last eight years.

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