Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hillary is Sick & Tired From Weiner Backup & Weakened by METUGRICUNA

Despite the best efforts of Katy Perry "getting naked for Hillary," Madonna "pledging oral sex for Hillary voters," Weiner soliciting future voters, and Attorney-General Lynch assuring Bill that she wants Hillary's grandchildren to be happy, Hillary is Sick & Tired  (twitter) ...

... Due to Weiner Backup (twitter)...

... and weakened by Millennials succumbing to METUGRICUNA despite the best efforts of Katy Perry "getting naked for Hillary" and Madonna pledging "oral sex for Hillary voters" as illustrated in the "69-the-Vote-to-Stop-METUGRICUNA" video (twitter) created as a PoliticalXray of the Progressive Millennials' pro-Hillary video titled "69-the-Vote" (note: the "xray" elements of "69-the-Vote to Stop METUGRICUNA" begin at 32 seconds):

... and now has reason to worry that Lynch may be unable to fulfill her promise to Bill (on the plane on the tarmac) (twitter) that Lynch would be a good God-GrandMother for Hillary's grandchildren's wishes:

-- PoliticalXray.

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