Saturday, 5 November 2016

Huma. A modern Mata Hari?....................from Lenmar

A lot has been going around about this Huma Abedin woman.  Little pieces in various publications about Huma's background and relationship with Hillary.

This article puts everything about her on one page.  It is important that everyone read this and understand the close personal and professional relationship between these 2 women.
One article that was in the paper a few months ago quoted Hillary as saying Huma would make a great Sec. of State.
On its surface this sounds weird but anything is possible with Hillary if she gets the power to do what she wants to do.
This is an important article and everyone who receives it should read it and send it on.
I truly believe that this one matter should be one of the main reasons that Hillary be denied in her desire to become President of the US.  Of corse added to all the negative things about her, I can't imagine anyone with half a mind voting for her.

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