Friday, 11 November 2016

Let's talk LEGACIES...............from Rico

Let's talk about LEGACIES.
Barry, our Marxist golf pro after eight years has exactly three legacies to his credit worth pointing out (sure, he has a lot more of the same, but in the interest of brevity and 'saving the planet' by not cutting down all the pixels and creating a digital Sahara desert, let's just use three today, m'kay?):
- school lunches inedible
- insurance unaffordable
- police lives unimportant
Trump, on the other hand, hasn't even taken his oath of office yet and he begins with a tremendous legacy, captured here by our friend WilliamBanzai7 (sure, he has a lot more of the same already, but let's just savor THIS one today, m'kay?):
- ding-dong the witch is dead!

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