Friday, 4 November 2016

Mass Immigration Is A Union Approved Supply Of Scab Labour...................from Daniel Thomas

One of the most powerful lobbying groups in any election or referendum campaign is the trade union movement along with other organized labour associations. It's worth taking into account their past record and current behavior before accepting their recommendations.

Anyone who has been involved in an industrial dispute and manned a picket line will know that the most emotional and divisive issue is a colleague defying his union and continuing to work. Solidarity must be one hundred percent for any industrial dispute to succeed therefore strike breaking is the biggest crime in the annals of organized labour.

When one worker crosses a picket line that solidarity is breached and a trickle back to work becomes a flood, consequently the strike collapses and the cause is lost. To that end, and to discourage anyone from crossing a picket line, the offending worker is labeled a scab, vilified by his colleagues and ostracized from the community.

Such is the heinousness of strike breaking this vilification and social exclusion is extended to the family and includes intimidation and in some cases violent assault.

History shows that trade unionists and their sponsored representatives in the legislatures played a pivotal role in improving the lot of the working classes.

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