Friday, 18 November 2016

MSM Plumbing New Depths........................from Rico

After being completely exposed as willing and eager servants of the corrupt status quo with no pretense or vestige of journalism to their credit, the MSM is now KNOWN to be the establishment's Weapon of Mass Deception (WMD).
- And just when anyone who has been paying any attention has reasonably concluded that they could not possibly go any lower...they have!
Just as much as I have disagreed with everything the 'ragin' cajun' has ever said or promoted, I have to give Carville credit where credit is due. He's more honest than ANYONE in the American MSM today is.
- Barry made his first Cabinet nomination Nov 24th Tim "TurboTax" Geithner (Treasury).
- It wasn't until Dec 1st when he nominated Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton (SecState) and Eric dickHolder (AG). 
Take a look at what the openly Left MSM aka WMD is willfully, wittingly, and intentionally [read: bending over backwards to lie and deceive] NOT telling you America, while serving heaping helpings of nothing burgers to you.
- Here are post-election Presidential appointments, by week, from Nixon-1968 to Obama-2008.
Trump already has Sessions [AG], Pompeo [CIA], and Flynn [National Security Advisor] with more on the way.*
- Not a bad 'pace' for what the irrelevant MSM is falsely claiming is a transition team in shambles and disarray, huh?
- One can only HOPE there would be a place somewhere for Ted Nugent.
*For those who "know" the resignation of that over-filled human colostomy bag James Clapper is an especially sweet bonus. The outgoing DNI (Director of National Intelligence) has been a skidmark on the national intelligence system for the entirety of his 30-40 year career.

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