Tuesday 29 November 2016

Nap Time...................from Rico

Why is it no surprise to learn that Nazi collaborator and darling of the "progressives" [read: Communists] George Soro$ is behind the Hillary "recount" effort?
- After all, he $ucce$$fully promoted Ferguson, BlackLivesMatter, paid to di$rupt Trump campaign rallies, and brought us the post-election riots. [read: Bad Communist]
After managed to get his personal sock-puppet Barry elected twice, and is heavily invested in putting Hillary in Barry's place.
- 'Rigging' the DNC and the Democrat primary was child's play, and Gyorgi Schwarz (alias George Soros) thought he had $ucce$$fully 'rigged' the election, too, so despite some disappointment at initial failure WHY NOT try to 'rig  the recount' too?
Stealing is something he learned well under his Nazi buddies, and he was and is very good at it, so why not steal the election right out of the hands of the people?
Here is the BIG QUESTION to consider though:
- Is HE worried that this blatant effort will spark civil unrest, or that it will not?
You are overdue for a dirt nap, Gyorgi! [read: Become a Good Communist]

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