Wednesday, 2 November 2016


At what point, having themselves lost their utility to their handlers, do the clintons become expendable?

I want to remind you when hillary told her biggest lie .... she lied about the attack on benghazi, blaming it on an obscure 14-minute film ....

IMAP: Four letters that spell potential doom for Hillary and Huma

WikiLeaks: Former State Dept. Official Says 'Every G*d D*mn Cabinet Officer and WH Staff 'Uses Their Gmail Account'

'Kept me out of jail': Top DOJ official involved in Clinton probe represented her campaign chairman

The SPLC's Libelous New Report on 'Anti-Muslim Extremists'

Hillary’s Legacy: Her Negligence of Benghazi

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Feel Safe? Here Are 3 Times Hillary Apparently Took Bribes From Terror Funders

UN Plan to Turn the World into an Islamic Colony?

Here Come the Taliban Drones

Hillary clinton just went totally toxic .... dead in the water ....

Molly Rose, Spitfire pilot – obituary

The Photographers of 1870s London Who Documented Their Disappearing City

Russia in Decline

The Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama Boil

Mainstream Media Blind to Hillary’s Warmongering

REVEALED: Liberal Money's Longterm Strategy To Control Public Opinion And Secure 'Advantageous' Demographics

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