Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Really "asking" for it....................from Rico

Will the very same "qualities" that contributed to Hillary's nation repudiation lead to her incarceration?
Terrible instincts. Tone deaf. Dismissive. Arrogant. Contemptuous. In the "left's" own words:
- Podesta: "Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts are terrible."
- MSNBC: "...kind of tone deaf..."
- Guardian: "...dismissive, arrogant, and unmasked contempt..."
Her post-election behavior demonstrates all of the above. Anyone tender-hearted enough to 'buy' Trump's statement about not prosecuting Hillary for her lawlessness is by now is sharpening their pitchfork, heating the tar, and bagging feathers.
- NOT smart to "rub America's nose in your sh*t, Hillary!"
Ypu're just, begging, to have your criminal lying ass thrown into jail.
- I hear the proverbial 'fat lady' warming up right now...

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Bill Walker said...

I for one, would consider it an absolute travesty if the new Trump DOJ doesn't immediately take up the prosecution of Hillary. Not to be mean or vengeful but to establish to the public that the FBI and DOJ are no longer the corrupt institutions they had become under the current administration. This, for most Trump voters, was very high on our list of reasons to elect Trump and we strongly expect him to follow through with his promise to do so. Regaining our lost faith in our government demands this action. If he is unable to restore the rule of law especially where it pertains to the political elites he will quickly lose the support he needs to accomplish the rest of his agenda. Obama ignored his "red line" and I'm hoping Trump doesn't make the same mistake at the very beginning of his presidency.