Monday, 21 November 2016

Soros Worms His Way Inside The Jews' "Big Tent"................from Dan Friedman

[The ADL's Foxman was bad enough. A pathetic ineffectual Jewish liberal who could not find any Jew-hatred on the Left. He stood silently by while the deadly Crown Height's pogrom was unfolding in his own city. It was only sometime after, before the cringing Foxman could bring himself to issue a lukewarm statement on the anti-Jewish riots – and his silence.
But Foxman was aging, so it was only natural he had to find a buyer for his faux "Jewish organization" in order to monetize it. And we can easily see how the king of the Erev Rav in our time, George Soros, saw an opportunity staring him in the face. For Soros it had many other incentives too. For one thing, the arch anti-Semite acquired a seat  at the table of the Major Jewish Organizations. Instant credibility! (But only if the Nazi collaborator kept a low profile, as he invariably does with all his Jewish predations.)
This whole affair is emblematic of the state of affairs in today's American Jewish community. Driven by the Reform and Conservative sects, and an armful of progressive Jewish self-haters, utterly clueless about Israel and Judaism. df]
Until his appointment as head of Obama’s Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, Greenblatt served as Director of the Impact Economy Initiative at the George Soros-funded Aspen Institute.

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