Thursday, 24 November 2016

Trabant,,,er Toyota Pious beats Hummer................from Rico

Driving the Toyota Pious actually beats driving a Hummer, just not in a good way.
- It is a modern day "loser" just like the old Communist Trabant.
The Pious has become the current-day car of choice for misguided and uninformed enviroweenies.
- These smug, self-righteous, holier than-thou "environmentally correct" are making several powerful statements all at once: (a) I care more about saving the planet than you do, (b) I have bought into the socialist fraud of being "green", (c) I have no clue that a Pious is the source of more (and worse) pollution in N. America and consumes more energy than driving a Hummer, (d) but it makes me 'feel' good, just like being a Hillary supporter did.
Facts not feelings:
- The Pious costs $3.25/mile to drive over an expected 100,000 mile life-span; the Hummer costs $1.95/mile to drive over a 300,000 mile life-span.
- The Pious batter component factory spews so much sulfur dioxide (which is BAD, and not to be cornfused with carbon dioxide which is GOOD...think photosynthesis) that NASA uses the surrounding "dead zone" to test lunar rovers.
- It takes 63 years of driving a Pious to achieve the advertised $175/year "fuel savings."
What is it about Communists being unable to produce a decent car, anyway?
Q: Can you say Trabant, Lada, Yugo, Pious?
A: I KNEW you could!


Lola said...

Also, Uber drivers love pious's...

Anonymous said...

Incomprehensible article. Dead Zone....ah....ok....what is a dead zone? Sorry...a surrounding dead zone. Folks...set a new low with this article.. oh by the way, I drive both vehicles and have since 1995 for the humvee.

larryw said...

Curious where and how the numbers were derived. For example, $3.25/mile over a 100K mile life means the cost of ownership is $325,000. As the "typical" car drives 15K miles/year, that means the annual cost of ownership is almost $50K/year over the 6 2/3 year lifespan. Backing out the cost of the vehicle, <$30K, and the numbers still don't work.

I'd love to show this to my idiot neighbor in his Pious with the "GREENR" vanity plate, but logic prevents it. Sources?

A friend lives in Alberta near where they mine; what once was unspoiled forest, and prime hunting and fishing land is now surface of the moon. Literally, as NASA uses the area adjoining his backyard to test their new rovers.