Friday, 16 December 2016

About that "popular vote".......................from Rico

About that popular vote.
Yeah, about that "popular vote" baloney the sore losers keep whining about...
Hillary lost.
Trump WON 3,084 of America's 3,141 counties.
- That leaves a whopping total of 57 counties that went for Hillary.
Trump WON the popular vote in 30 states. Hillary in 20.
- Seven of Barry's 57 states are still MIA, but even if they all went for Hillary, that still leaves her with the popular vote in fewer states than Trump. 
Hillary is a loser.
After making a BFD about "threats to our democracy" if Trump didn't accept the election results, and despite Barry saying his expectation was that Hillary would graciously accept and honor the election results, comrade madame Hillary and friends are now trying to disenfranchise the voters and steal the election by threatening/intimidating the electors of the electoral college.
- If nothing from the campaign was enough to convince Americans that Hillary was NOT fit to hold any elected office, then THIS latest stunt surely has to be it.
What's it gonna take, Hillary?
After One Big Ass Mistake America, you really dodged a bullet this time and didn't make a bigger...and likely final and fatal...mistake.
- How much garlic, how many crucifixes, and how big of a stake do we all need to just make you go away, Hillary?
Do we need to call Van Helsing now?

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