Saturday, 17 December 2016

Demetia cognitatus progressivus [progressive demented thinking]....................from Rico

The progressive shit-for-brains that uses tax dollars to import terrorists wholesale...yes, Barry OblowHard...just called  everyone who speaks the truth or presents the facts, instead of regurgitating the 'approved' party line and/or whomever has the audacity to disagree with him, "domestic propagandists."
- That's even lower than when, at the beginning of his reign of deceit, US veterans were called "domestic terrorists."
Of course, this is in defense of the REAL peddlers of "fake news"....the MSM, which didn't produce anything factual in 2016...and in direct opposition to free speech.
- This justifies $oro$ bankrolling the latest progressive assault on the 1st Amendment (Facebook and the progressives will be the arbiters of "real" vs "fake" news), as well as comforts his designated heir Hillary who claims she 'lost' the election because of better-informed voters.
Such is "progressive logic" [end-stage progressive dementia] which is (a) completely out of the closet, (b) finally revealed as the dictatorial and controlling assholes they are, and (c) demonstrates why they should never be trusted with anything ever again.

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