Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Dem's WIN the state of denial, LOSE electoral vote.....................from Rico

Capping perhaps THE most interesting and entertaining American election year in my memory, the Electoral College vote did not fail to amuse.
- Neither did it impede Trump's becoming POTUS #45.
Most of the elector defections went against Hillary, as some Dem's tried to ditch their loser. 
- Eight (8) D electors went "off script" in contrast to only two (2) R electors who were "faithless."
On the face of it, Trump only lost two (2) R electors in Texas, and Hillary lost four (4) D electors in Washington...but the real amusement is in the details, since four more D electors tried to defect from Hillary and were replaced:
Tried and failed 
- The first D elector to try and defect was in Minnesota, where Muhammad Abdurrahman tried to vote for Bernie instead of Hillary and was replaced by an alternate, with that vote then going to Hillary.
- Then a Maine D elector, David Bright, voted for Bernie instead of Hillary, but his vote was 'changed' 10 minutes later and Hillary got that vote too.
- One (1) Colorado D elector who voted for Kasich (R) instead of Hillary was replaced, as was one (1) D elector who voted for Rand Paul (R), both votes going to Hillary.
The clear message from the Dem PTB was vote as you're told, or be replaced.
Successfully defected
- The four (4) "faithless electors" that defected from Hillary were Dem's from Washington state, where three (3) voted for Colin Powell (R) and one (1) for Faith Spotted Eagle.
The clear message from the D electors to the D PTB was fuck off.
Note that there were NO "change your vote or be replaced" or other consequences/arm-twisting on the R PTB side with their two "faithless" R electors.
After a historic and hysterical campaign waged by Hillary, the Dem's, and Hollywood to openly sway the vote of electors, one that Putin could only envy from afar, the hardest hit (after Hillary) was Hollywood.
The Dem's may well have 'won' not only the state of denial, but the world championship of sore losers.
- What they 'lost' by behaving so badly remains to be seen, but I think their 'poor sportsmanship' and overall shitty behavior this year will cost them dearly for years to come.

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