Saturday 3 December 2016

Ellison: ADLGets Cold Feet, Schumer All In...................from Dan Friedman

[Count me disappointed. The ADL had a bullet in the chamber and was about to shoot itself between the eyes. They were this close to blowing their cover as a “pro-Jewish group.” And I was ready to cheer them on too. Instead, someone (Soros?) whispered in their ears, they took a deep breath and decided to live to betray another day.
Of course, it’s still possible the Soros front group could have it both ways. Ellison is a favorite of the lump of feces that is now the Democratic party. And that great Jewish pimp, Chuck Schumer, is still in his camp giving Soros Jewish credibility. So brother Ellison could still snatch the brass ring. Then the quislings at the ADL will have a ready-made alibi: “We tried to stop him, but brother Ellison proved be too popular in the rank and file.” df]

In response, Rep. Keith Ellison said the quote the ADL referenced was taken out of context. | Getty

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