Saturday, 31 December 2016

In Hebrew Kerry Means "Sinister"...................from Dan Friedman

[Democracy or Jewish. Another false choice designed by our arch-enemies to handcuff the Jews. But there is one safe way out, if Jews are so inclined. A democracy for Jews in a Jewish state is not a contradiction at all. Nor is it “apartheid” either.
Like every nation in the world, Israel has the right and responsibility to choose the rules that will ensure its own survival, and reject those that would lead to its demise. Go and apply for Japanese or Swiss citizenship if you want to see what I mean. And throughout Europe, only Muslim immigrants need to apply. For awhile the gentiles on the Continent lost sight of who they are. But they’ve figured it out with precious little time left on the clock.
Sadly, Jews as a nation are still a long way from that. “Jewish leaders” here and in Israel are simply not Jewish enough yet - not to mention the people they “lead.” The best we can hope for is that BHO’s hysterical valedictory will speed up the process of Redemption and open more eyes of Jews and our true friends. Still a long ways to go on that, and as we’ve seen throughout history, a happy Hollywood ending is anything but guaranteed. Yes, Jews do face a legitimate choice, one we’ve faced many times before: Win or lose. df]

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