Sunday, 25 December 2016

Israel Can't Have it Both Ways Anymore..................from Dan Friedman

As long as the Arabs feel that there is the least hope of getting rid of us, they will refuse to give up this hope for either kind words or bread and butter.
-Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall, 1923
Shortly after I sent an email alert warning that the UN vote on the settlements was going forward on Friday, I received this probing question from a reader very involved in Israel advocacy at the ground level: " the UN expelling the Jews from Amona or the Hellentists running the country???" It made me stop and think, and you should too.
This is the crux of the matter. No, make that the only thing that matters. It's the Israelis themselves who are keeping deadly Oslo alive, and along with that the hope of the Muslim/Arabs to wipe Israel from the map. Unless and until those suffering the most harm from this grotesque "process" have the courage to get up from the table and turn it on its side, no one should look elsewhere for the cause, or the solution, of this problem.
So now that we have an incoming president who is the antithesis of Jew-hating Obama, where will we Jews pin the blame on next, if not ourselves?

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Mark Matis said...

I will merely repost what I previously did at :

The UN is located in the Big Craphole, where they are adored by one and all. If President Trump were to do this, they would also secede like Mexifornia is contemplating. Do you understand what Soros, the rest of the globalists (including the Shrubs and other Rove Republicans), and this country’s “Intelligence” agencies would do?

I think you know the answer to that question.