Thursday, 22 December 2016

Let's talk about "Fake News" some more......................from Rico

The purveyors of FAKE NEWS otherwise known as the American MSM continue to cover themselves in...well, crap isn't glory unless you're a Progressive."
Backing Barry's theme for the last eight years that it's workplace violence, or anything else BUT "Islamic terrorism" CNN continues to follow the "party line" dictated by cultural Marxism as we can see in the attached.
The international press, however, has NO such hesitation (or agenda to protect people from the truth) when it comes to calling "Islamic terrorism" by it's true names..."Jihad, Islamic Terrorism, Murder" as can be easily seen in non-US controlled media world wide.
- The German press is openly saying they found Tunisian [guess the religion] identity papers and are actively seeking the Berlin Christmas Market murderer. Have you heard anything in the American press that might 'hint' the Berlin truck attack (which copied the earlier Muslim Jihadist truck attack in Nice, France) was another "jihadi" or a "Muslim?"

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