Thursday, 29 December 2016

Loser's Malice.......................from Rico

Many sane and rational people expected "loser's malice" from Barry after the 08 Nov 2016 election and before he leaves office 20 Jan 2017.
- Few expected anything as 'petty' as stealing furniture from the White House, but how many expected he'd behave like the Muslim Messiah?
The Christmas Present he gave Israel by orchestrating, helping write and get approved the shameful UN Resolution 2334 which 'gave' East Jerusalem to the Palestinians was just a prelude to what he has in mind.
- The 'jewel' in his crown of foreign policy disasters is his enabling the Muslim destruction of Israel. You think the Middle East is FUBAR'ed after eight years of Barry? This has the potential to really F-it-U beyond all recognition. 
What better way for this Muslim-loving lame duck crapweasel to "give a parting finger" to (the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East, and the ONLY place where Christians are safe) Israel?
- What better 'tool' to use than fellow lame duck crapweasel Kerry? 
Watch for this.
Jan 15th 2017 70 countries will meet in Paris to plot the creation of a Palestinian State. Barry (who's only kept promise has been to "stand with the Muslims") fully endorses the idea. [read: returning Israel to it's pre-1967 borders.]
Answer this.
Q: When, in all of recorded human history has there ever been a nation called Palestine?
A: Never. Let that sink in. NEVER.
This will NOT end well Barry
Don't be a dick, Barry. Just don't...


jwenting said...

Why do you think it's planned a few days BEFORE Trump takes office.
Right, so they can bull the recognition of the Hamas state through congress and have Obama sign it into law before Trump takes over.

Anonymous said...

When they ALL get into the building and sit down to the evil they intend.
That would be a GREAT time to drop one JDAM followed with a 10KT nuke. In case we missed any that tried to get away.
That should slow things down for a while.

ChrisP said...

The nation of "Palestine".
What were its borders?
Who were its kings?
When did it begin?