Friday 2 December 2016

NFP Friday Shenanigans.................from Rico

This just so happens to be Barry's last NFP (non farm payroll) Friday.
- It's also the last hurrah for the BLS to "cook the books" and make the 94-95 million unemployed workers disappear again with their statistical magic act.
Tell me the VERY visible 'poke in the eye' with actually saving jobs at Carrier didn't light a fire under more than one ass in this job-killing regime. Go ahead...
- More of the same-old, same-old shenanigans were to be expected as a knee-jerk.
Not to be left on the sidelines were the, Bullion Bankers. The usual "wise guys" who never disappoint us by deviating from the script.
- You can clearly 'see' Gold and Silver being ass-raped at the usual unusual trading hour of 6(am), well before the Ralph and Mortimer Duke have even been wakened for the breakfast tea. much less begun the days trading at the COMEX in Chicago.
Nothing exceptional for the crooks today, just the usual BS from the BLS and the CRIMEX to convince everyone that everything is OK.
- What WILL be interesting to watch is IF the new Chief Executive allows his BLS to BS him and everyone else with phony data and reports, and IF he tolerates the continued POW status of the SEC and other regulatory agencies.

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