Thursday, 15 December 2016

Not "taking" their word for anything. Not anymore..................from Rico

Apart from all reason and logic proving that the Russians did NOT flip the election to Trump and away from Hillary, and EVERY known and presented fact explains that Hillary cost Hillary the election, the Weapons of Mass Deception (the MSM) have run with that fake story, as have the usual political crapweasels (both Democrat and Republican), with "the CIA said so" being the latest lie and figment of their imaginations.
Take a big bite of THIS sh*t sandwich.
- Mike Morell, former Acting Director of a now-politicized CIA, is currently an employee of a long-time Hillary aide.
- Mike, who 'wrote' the talking pints for Benghazi btw, is the one referenced in the "the Russians did it" hacking claim.
For one thing, "trusting" the CIA today is ludicrous on the face of it.
- They have repeatedly been caught-out in lies, and often get things wrong.
- Today, they have been "weaponized" by Obama much as the IRS has. The CIA is about as much your friend as the IRS is.
Nope. Absent any "proof" this is just more "fake news" being peddled as an excuse to disenfranchise the voters.
- I no more "take their word for it"....for anything, than I would that of the MSM, John Podesta, or Hillary.
Things have CHANGED. It's no longer a matter of "trust, but verify" but is now "verify first, then trust" for all the usual including the CIA.
Memo to Hillary & Co: "Saying you had more popular votes is a lot like saying you  had more yards rushing after getting your ass handed to you in the Super Bowl."

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