Thursday, 29 December 2016

Not worth it....................from Rico

Talk about throwing good money after bad!
I just read that Obama's "vacations" over the past eight years cost the US taxpayers $85 million.
- He was NOT worth it.
Hell, it would have been a bargain to just pay him the $85 million up front to just "go away and leave the US alone" for eight years.
- The precedent already having been set for paying terrorists cash [Iran].
I'm sure many of the 95 million Americans NOT in the labor force would agree the cost of amusing King Putt was obscene.
- Time to consider a "clawback" [refund]. Garnishing Barry to "give" each of them almost a million dollars is something the "majority" of them would support, right Hillary? (You and the Clinton Foundation should be next in line for a "clawback" of the money you took in return for selling-out America).

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Bill Walker said...

Love your columns but have to call you out on your math on this one! 85 million to 95 million out of the work force isn't a little less than a million each. It's actually a little less than a buck each. Not to argue against your premise that we got screwed by Obama and his vacations.
The only good thing we got is it at least got him out of WA. Maybe should have paid him to take the whole 8 years off?