Wednesday, 28 December 2016

That boy ain't quite right in the head.................from Rico

Narcissus Maximus remains a legend in his own mind, and isn't dealing well with his total irrelevancy.
- He just doesn't grasp that nobody now cares what he says, or what he thinks.
In an "exit interview" with fellow Communist David "the Red" Axelrod [which is a lot like talking to yourself in the mirror] this dope-addled Musloid ass-smoocher had the "audacity" to boast "I would have beaten Trump."
- As if "truth" and "reality" were what HE says it is.
In a word: NO.
- In six words: step away from the crack pipe.
Trump would have beaten Barry like he owned him, but such is the power of denial...and Barry is a "denier" of his real legacy.
- Everyone in the world knows the only thing YOU "beat" Barry (and I include Michael) wanker.
Aren't you gone yet?
- Well "beat" it.


Mark Matis said...

I hate to break this to you, but a HUGE number of hive dwellers across this country still hang on his every word.

We may have a short chance to stop civil war in this country. But if the hives and their "Law Enforcement" refuse to accept the Trump presidency, then war will come.

john jay said...

my historical assessment of obama.--
piece of shit. john jay, milton freewater, oregon, usa

p.s. we can still say things like this in the united states. why? because i say we do. and, i do say that. that's why.