Wednesday, 14 December 2016

This is more than just being "sore losers"..................from Rico

There were three big "losers" as a result of the 2016 US Presidential campaign and election:
- The MSM
- The DNC
- The GOPe
ALL three were exposed for the crapweasels* that they are.
- This meant the only real "winner" was the American electorate that voted to throw their sorry asses out.
*Be clear, the MSM no longer resembles the media of Edward R. Murrow; the Republicans no longer resemble those of the Eisenhower era; and the Democrats long-ago stopped having the faintest glimmer of the days of Truman or JFK, having instead chosen to emulate Karl Marx and/or Stalin. This is why I refer to them ALL as crapweasels.
But there is a difference between these crapweasels.
- The GOPe are amateurs, while the MSM and DNC are world-class professionals.
- While it is unwise to put anything past any of them, the "professionals" are willing to plumb depths unimaginable to normal, reasonable, and rational human beings.
The "problem" with the election results is NOT the Russians like the MSM and Democrats are now trying to convince us. The "problem" is that the Democrats, aided by their lapdog MSM, are attempting a soft coup via a last charge by the Podesta Brigade.
The "noise" about the recount, and now about the Russians, only masks the organized and well-funded (by Soros) operation underway to 'flip' enough electors to "steal" the election for Hillary against the will of the voters. Sound crazy? Think about it a moment.
- The MSM acted as the PR organ of the Hillary campaign.
- The fake Soros-funded Ferguson, #BlackLiesMatter, and "hands up, don't shoot" PSYOP campaigns worked pretty well for the Democrats.
- Hillary and the DNC completely "rigged" the primary to guarantee a Hillary nomination and "steal" it from Bernie.
- Hillary and her MSM friends "rigged" the debates.
- The Hillary campaign and the Democrats figured that between (a) rampant voter fraud, (b) running as Barry's 3rd term [hint: yuuuuge mistake], and (c) their Blue Firewall, the 'election' was a lock for them. A sure thing.
Imagine their shock and disbelief when all the lies, manipulation, and 'rigging' didn't payoff for them.
- Well, they came up with a "Plan B."
If one can "steal" the primary, well why not try and "steal" the election, too?
- This is what we're seeing play out right now. The Dem's are waging revolutionary warfare against the Republic, no less than Castro did against Cuba years ago.
The Democrats are insane with rage, and they are acting suicidal. This may very well be the end of the Democratic Party in every sense of the word.
- Let's just HOPE they don't manage to take the entire country down with them in one last blaze of "progressive" infamy.

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