Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buzzfeed and CNN Publish Explosive, Unverified, and Potentially Compromising Reports on Donald Trump and Russia

One of the allegations claims that Trump engaged in "perverted sexual acts" that were set up and monitored by the Russians, and also claims that prostitutes were hired to make "golden showers" on the bed in Moscow Ritz Carlton's presidential suite, where President and Michelle Obama slept during an official visit (out of alleged hatred for them). (Source: Quartz.)

Yeah, it's weird.

Allegedly, someone from 4Chan posted screenshots claiming that a 4Chan user created documents and sent them to "Never Trump" partisan Rick Wilson, assuming that he'd use the tip to destroy the Trump campaign. (Source: Gateway Pundit.)

See what I mean? It's weird.

Click for the full report, "Buzzfeed and CNN Report Potentially 'Compromising' Russian Espionage Story That May Have Been Based on 4Chan Prank."

Stay tuned for updates.

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