Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Catsup or Ketchup?........................from Rico

After the MSM was thoroughly discredited and exposed as liars and whores for all to see in 2016, anyone who now  listens to a single word they utter is either stupid, or on drugs.
- And while such walk...and march...among us, they are easy to spot.
The stupid are the ones who mindlessly repeat what someone has told them to think without having thought the matter through for themselves to arrive at a conclusion.
- If asked "exactly how do you figure that?" they can't tell you because they skipped the thinking part and just swallowed what they had been told, hook, line, and sinker [read: hammer and sickle].
Rex Tillerson as Trump's SecState is a great example of this.
1. The MSM says: Businessman, oil executive, rich, bad man, very bad-bad-man.
2. Reason says: Demonstrated ability and competence, earned his own money, smart man. Good for the US.
John Kerry as Barry's SecState is a perfect contrast to Tillerson.
1. The MSM says: Merely gets ankles damp walking on water, only surpassed by Hillary as brilliant SecState. Peace in our time. Very good man, we just love your work.
2. Reason says: Incompetent buffoon, disastrous SecState, leftist stooge, cannot find his chin with both hands, married into his money, traitor (slide it over a bit, Jane Fonda, and make some room) and career political whore. Picture is next to the term "dumb ass" in the Urban Dictionary.

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