Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Donald Trump's National Security Nominee Monica Crowley Alleged to Have Plagiarized Ph.D. Disseration

This is really major.

Plagiarism is an extremely grave charge, and it's extra personal for me, as I'm a scholar. Funny, but at the book signing, when Ms. Monica signed my book, I gave her my business card and told her about my scholarly background in international politics. She boasted that that was her field as well, blah, blah. She served at one time as an aide to Richard Nixon, so she's got deep roots in the realist GOP establishment. After I met her, and after listening to her talk at the Wednesday Morning Club, I found an increasing respect for her. Honestly, before that, I found her a bit pompous. I don't think she's all that attractive either.

More, "Report: Monica Crowley Alleged to Have Plagiarized Her Ph.D. Dissertation; HarperCollins Pulls What the (Bleep) Just Happened? After CNN Documents Numerous Examples of Lifted Text."


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