Wednesday, 18 January 2017

In the Army..................from Rico

Anyone who has ever been in the US Army...I care not if you were a cook, a clerk, in the rear with the gear, or considered yourself a 'combat arms' badass...can "read" a fellow soldier's uniform and immediately know who he is and what he has done. That said: take a look at THIS and say to yourself "holee shit" in your best John Belushi mental voice.
- Sarge here IS the very embodiment of BADASS writ large.
Since 14 centuries of inbreeding have left members of ISIS deprived of the ability to comprehend or understand the implications of America having this caliber of warrior class, here it is in simple terms:
- Pucker up, buttercup. New rules are going into effect. The US military will now be under new management, and no being run by your goat-molesting brother anymore...


p kerit said...

For those of us never in the Army, What did this guy do?

HMS Defiant said...

No No!

Take down that picture on the left. Nobody wears a SEAL pin on the right chest and NO soldier wears one at all.