Thursday, 12 January 2017

Peak Fake News?........................from Rico

I recently read a "story" about the Ft Lauderdale killer with the headline Former Girlfriend: VA Didn't Do Anything. I say "story" because that's what it is, made-up, fiction, a fairy-tale, fake news [read: bovine excrement].
- Of course the story mentions PTSD without any linkage to the killer, while telling the reader that he was a veteran of the Alaska and Puerto Rico National Guard.
- It claims that the killings highlight the "failure" of both the DoD and the VA.
- The basis for the screed was a quote by a claimed former girlfriend Michelle Quinones that "they [VA] didn't do anything."
This fits perfectly the multiple memes of "lone gunman" and "crazed veteran" plus "the VA failed" which is conveniently an almost flawless bit of media misdirection.
NOT BEING MENTIONED are a few very pertinent facts. Inconvenient facts that might tarnish the legacy and the lie that (a) there is no Muslim Terrorism, and (b) there have been no Islamic terror attacks in America. [As Barry and his regime, supported by the MSM presstitutes, maintain.] Can't have any of this come to light before 20 January, don'tcha know?
- In 2007 the killer converted to Islam, took the name "Aashiq Hammad" and was radicalized before joining the Army National Guard. 
- At the time of the 2017 killings in Ft Lauderdale, "Hammad" lived withing walking distance of the ONLY mosque in Alaska.
- Everyone, including the FBI, is awfully quiet about the killer's social media postings concerning violent jihad, Islamic extremism, ad nauseum.
Move along now. Nothing to see here.
And PS - It's the "religion of peace."

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