Monday, 23 January 2017

Preserve, Protect, Defend: Report from the front lines.................

The narrative is false. The new president is still learning. He may be sometimes rash and unpolished to the Obama silver tongued deceit standard, but the media is failing us. That narrative needs to be corrected with Truth. We need an emergency bypass or we will loose our most precious jewel, the Constitution of the United States of America. I will start a count down clock to the midterm elections- the first Tuesday in November, 2018, slightly over 650 days away, 90 weeks...

News reporting of the observed Felony rioting, in the streets of the inaugural, is being buried. I was attacked three times already, even though I am not wearing any republican symbols, but just coat and tie. We must, and will find, pictures to ridicule and discredit their leaders and community activists. The problem is building the defense within this short period of time when we have to face the well entrenched and funded "enemies... foreign and domestic": of such a well established(see first amendment) false media, of dys-news and dys-hollywood. There is no joy in this, my discovery, but walking the streets of DC the last 5 days, the false narrative on the TV and from Hollywood and New York magesteria is completely disingenuous. We must identify the enemies. Yesterday, Saturday, 21 January, 2017 they were out in force. They drew in many angry others, who have been deceived by the false narrative. We have less than 2 years to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against All Enemies, Foreign and domestic.

How do we expose the enemies, in a way that will convince the people? That's going to be our mission. Short Answer: Look for the people in black hats- this is not a joke. These are communist-socialist paid enemies (mercenaries). Some like Madonna wear black hats and advocate violence against the Constitution(blow up the white house). I encountered her rioters here in the streets of DC three times on Friday. I visited the DC criminal district court yesterday to photograph these traitors to the constitution. Madonna, amazingly, is whipping them up. They had brought their own food catering and medical trauma team to the steps of the courthouse where they were taunting the police. I was only down there initially to report a stolen bicycle. The police showed me the damage to themselves, even though protected by shields and bulletproof vests. The windows of their police cars still showed the smashing by rocks. I am not making this up. I took pictures.

Standing guard against more rioting, but unable to respond to the taunting, which was obscene, violent speech, they explained to me how it works. They assemble a young angry disaffected mob against the riot-police lines. Eventually one of the group will be inspired to attack the blue line, and then others follow. The police officer said its like a chain reaction, and its only when the followers hear and feel two clicks of the handcuffs, that they return to the reality of their felony.

I have attended several inaugurations. I have never been threatened like this before. The crowd of families and supporters of the constitution, I encountered inside the perimeter were not the thugs I saw outside. Earlier, I thought, there are a few on my side(preserve,protect, defend- not for any party but the constitution) who are more angry at the left, than I would like. Now I have seen the enemy and perhaps, I was wrong. I am angry at the collapse of an objective free press. They are not free, nor is there any objectivity or fairness left. They cherry pick images and twist the narrative for the violent disrupters of liberty and freedom.

Jefferson warned us about constant vigilance. I saw a quote from Fredrick Douglas that the powerful never surrender their power but it must be taken from them. I still hope the pen is mightier than the sword, and those large rocks, but the time is limited.

Out of time now- its time to hit the streets, but let me know if you want more from the front.

Respond by email if you wish to hear what's really happening at the front lines.

In Liberty and Freedom,


A short list of tactics against the "deplorables":
Felony rioting
Blocking entrances to the events parades and the mall Violent intimidation Actual physical assault with concealed weapons False claims by the media focus on low turnout without reporting why some elderly frail and family groups were intimidated from attending Ridiculing president Bush and his plastic Poncho- there was some light mist when he sat down which I also cover for, but It was gone by the time the ceremony started. It's important to know that this ridicule and false argument about turnout is to cover up the obscene and intimidating violence paid for and propagated by the chief Community Activist.
Black clothed violence at the courthouse steps Voter intimidation is a problem, but its against the defenders of the Constitution

I hope this can be healed by the Truth, non violently, but it may be too late.

H/T Cilla

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