Tuesday, 17 January 2017

President Trump Is More Legitimate Than The Political Establishment................from Daniel Thomas

Apart from the rank hypocrisy that is the hallmark of the liberal/socialist/communist community, along with those who try to disguise their ideology by referring to themselves as ‘progressives’,  the latest attempt to de-legitimize the election of Donald Trump raises several other issues that are equally relevant.

Despite being proved to be false, the main contention is that the outcome of the election was influenced by Russian hackers who tainted the Clinton campaign in favour of Donald Trump.

Foreigners, they claim, are corrupting the heart of American democracy by influencing the outcome of the general election ignoring the fact that President Obama spent millions of dollars of taxpayers money trying to influence the general election in Israel because he didn’t approve of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

No mention of the hundreds of millions of foreign money pouring into the Clinton campaign from regimes that hate America such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar or the incessant campaign of vilification against Donald Trump by mainstream media whores who were bought and paid for by the America hating Hungarian billionaire, George Soros.

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SQZ said...

Soros is Hungarian born, left in his teens and essentially has become a "Citizen of the World" through his Open Society Foundation and its global objectives sought in part through funding of soft anarchy. He is officially a U.S. citizen since the early 1960s. The government of Hungary vilifies Soros and his allies as much as most of the rest of the rational world. So, when you talk Soros, Hungarian-born is accurate. "U.S. citizen", sadly, is what is pertinent.