Thursday, 5 January 2017

Schumer, Schmuck of Schmucks....................from Rico

Many have probably, and deservedly, 'forgotten' Obama's quip that "You don't want to get between Michelle and a Tamale."
- No matter, you will now have ample opportunity to 'live' the show "Schmuck of Schmucks" with Nancy Reid's heir apparent Schmuckie Schumer.
Schmuckie has long been known as the biggest mouth in Washington for decades, as well as a shameless publicity hound.
- A well-known Washington maxim goes that "The most dangerous place is between Chuck Schumer and a [pick one] microphone/TV camera."
- This probably originated with Bob Dole in 1995 when he said of Schumer "The most dangerous place is between him and a camera."
Well, whoop-de-f**king-do America, you're really gonna get your fill of this liberal Democratic Congressional monkey flinging sh*t once he replaces Reid.
- As Sen Jon Corzin said of him: "Sharing media...with Chuck Schumer is like sharing a banana with a monkey...take a little bite and he will throw his own feces at you."

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