Wednesday, 4 January 2017

UNreal.........................from Rico

There were many who do not understand that the UN (aka Useless Nitwits) is UNinvolved in doing anything good or beneficial for the civilized world. It is a country club for the world's despots and dictators, funded by US tax-dollars.
- Most people were "clueless" even when the Sudan (where genocide is rampant and slavery is legal) had chairmanship of the UN's Human Rights Council.
Maybe 2017 will wake a few people up?
Meet the UN's Human Rights Council for 2017.
- Who better to recognize violations of human rights than some of the planet's worst violators of human rights, like Saudi Arabia - celebrating it's most executions by beheading since 1995's 192; Venezuela; Cuba; ....well you get the picture by now without further explanation).?
A full 76% of the UN's General Assembly voted for Saudi Arabia, for example (yes, they 'won' the 'popular vote' Hillary).
- Still need reasons for the US to "defUNd" and then "EXIT" the UN?
That UN building would make wonderful condo's for all the "homeless" that the MSM hasn't spoken one word about for the last eight years (but WILL be carping about incessantly now that Trump is President).
- I personally think it it should be as  refitted as decent 'free' housing for America's homeless veterans.....

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