Saturday, 14 January 2017

What was THAT reallly all about?.....................from Rico

There has been a LOT of "fake news" being spread around like manure on a farmer's field about outgoing President Obama awarding his outgoing VP Joe Biden with some medal ostensibly honoring him for something-or-other.
- No, it was NOT for earning the title "dumbest person in the Senate" in his long career, which is no small feat btw.
For WHAT then?
- Many who were awake for the past eight years may wonder (a) for what? and/or consider that (b) being unintentionally funny isn't especially noteworthy.
If you, like me, are shaking your head in amazement at this, this is what it REALLY was all about.
Having Joe Biden as his VP was possibly THE best life insurance policy in political history.

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