Wednesday, 18 January 2017

When Keynesians Play....................from Rico

This is a pretty clear example of what happens when Keynesian's [Central Bankers] play "paper beats rock."
- Here they are openly defending their paper spot prices of $1200 Gold and $17 Silver.
If you want to know "why" they play this game, ask a friend in impoverished Greece, or Venezuela today which they' prefer...paper Gold/paper fiat or a chunk of physical Gold?
The 20,000 Venezuelan Bolivars are now worth less than $6, so what does their Central Bank do?
- Venezuela has turned its new currency vertical in order to hold all the zero's it needs.....Weimar heartily approves (prettily engraved fiat notes make cheerful wallpaper AND can heat your home).  
[Common Core math quiz: What is the 'new" 500 Bolivar note depicted worth?
- $15.00
- $  1.50
- $    .15
- $  0.00 it's intrinsic value]

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