Thursday, 19 January 2017

Who needs them?...........................from Rico

So far the number of drama queens...Democratic Representatives 'making a statement' by refusing to attend the inauguration of President Trump is 58.
- Most of them, to no one's surprise, are from the Left Coast aka California....where if you remove the fruits and the flakes, you still have the nuts (just like Bruce 'call me Caitlin' Jenner does).
After recovering from my initial shock that there were actually that many Democrats left in the House of Representatives after the last election, I concluded that the next midterm election might help resolve that problem if these people continue to voluntarily Kevorkian themselves politically.
- Like neutered dogs, these folks just do NOT 'get it.'
Sure, they are butthurt after being so soundly thrashed and their looney policies so thoroughly rejected, yet they remain blissfully clueless to the fact that they so disgraced themselves that even the voters couldn't bear to watch their shabby behavior any longer.
- More of what brought them to their political knees exposes them to an even greater danger: irrelevance.
The great myth of government is that "the people need to have leaders." When everyone figures out that maybe they really don't, especially not 'leaders' who are screwing them into the ground for their personal power and profit, the proverbial jig is up.
- So while the current Democrat poster-child Schmuckie Schumer is saying that "he respects where the inauguration boy-cotters are coming from" almost no one else does.
Frankly, the disgraceful words and actions coming from a party that has so visibly and eagerly thrown away ANY claim to respectability with both hands deserves no respect.
- Worse, even the dimmest now begin to ask "who needs them?"


Bill Walker said...

Let them keep at it. They're too stupid to even realize this sort of activity is what loses them elections. By mid terms I expect that few will remain.

Mark Matis said...

The big question is whether the DoJ will properly investigate and prosecute election fraud. If they do, then your expectation is probably accurate. However, if they do not, then the Left will merely increase their vote fraud to insure they "win".

What is truly neat is that in declaring voting to be a national security issue, Obama gave the new Administration an opening to find out what is REALLY going on in the hives!