Thursday, 2 February 2017

Call Me Captain Obvious......................from Rico

I saw a Toyota Pious yesterday, the signature "high horse" of ecotards and enviro-Nazi's making a 'statement' that they care more than you do about a fake 'crisis' called Anthropomorphic Global Warming [co2 BAD=people BAD] while being more ignorant about science [co2 GOOD for plant photosynthesis=GOOD for the air people breath].
- It had the obligatory COEXIST sticker of the ass of the car, where it belongs, as the obvious ass of an owner decided.
Did I say "ass?" Why yes I did, let me hasten to add "COEXIST my ass."
- Beheading non-Muslims, burning them alive, and all the other 7th century ways Muslims kill non-Muslims obviates any wishful thinking that they have ANY intention of coexisting peacefully.
Which segues nicely into the "religion of peace" lie.
- For those who do not speak or understand Arabic, "Islam" means "submit" and one's submission makes one a Muslim or "one who submits."
- For those who have never read their "holy book" the Koran, Surah 9 is attached in translation. Read it carefully, try and find ANY reference to either PEACE or COEXIST. Go on, nous defion...I dare you.
- For those who get their "news" from the aptly-named idiot box, only to forget guppy-like what they were just spoonfed, take a gander at the very simple poster this "peaceful" Muslim is brandishing. How freaking difficult is it to (a) comprehend what the sign means [behead those who say Islam is violent] or to (b) remember the message, huh?

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RonF said...

Hey, I drive a Prius. It's a Toyota - which means the quality is good - and it gets great gas mileage.

I do confess I had fun with the stereotype, though. People were taking pictures of my Prius with the "Hillary for Prison" sticker on it.