Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dealing with "CHANGE"........................from Rico

For many of us, this MAGA and WINNING has been so great and non-stop we're reluctant to go to sleep anymore because we might 'miss' something.
- Like Trump working long days and taking the time to "fire" Obama's traitorous/insubordinate Acting AG at 21:14 pm last night. Barry never worked that late. Ever. By 9 pm his sorry ass was already stoned. Wasted.
Speaking of "waste".....Barry waited a whole TEN DAYS instead of the customary ONE YEAR to flap his gums in criticism of Trump.
- He is too dumb to understand that he has left the building.
He, like all of his clueless "progressive" salad-tossers, just "don't get it."
- They continue to uselessly "fart in [America's] general direction" while Trump gets to work undoing the damage wrought by these socialist morons.
Looks like these "legends in their own minds" can't deal with real CHANGE being delivered instead of their imaginary fairy-tale "change" which never really did materialize.
Hey, Barry!
- If anyone wanted any more sh*t out of you, they'd squeeze your head. STFU.
- Where is your Birth Certificate? Can we see it now?
In other news:
- Hillary is NOT President, and neither is Barry.
- Air Force One has been designated Air Force Two after a major redesign.

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p kerit said...

Now that it doesnt matter I expect we will find out where Obama was born